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Информация за учител

Bulgarian language for foreigners

Цена: 15.00лв./ на час

Helping foreign students (who know English) to learn the basics in Bulgarian language

Програма за уроци

Wed 25 Apr, 2018
    Hi! I've studied English in Foreign Language High School. I'm currently studying Bulgarian philology (or Bulgarian studies), bachelor degree in Sofia University. I've heard that some foreign students have problems with learning our beautiful language in university and they can't get ahead and finish their degree. I'm here willing to help, as much as I can. We can meet in person for our lessons ( I prefer that) or I can try helping you from home. If you're not pleased with my work and skills, I won't take your money. This is a good opportunity for me to get some money in my free time and also gain practice in teaching, and to improve my English also.